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Leverage AI, Machine Learning, and enterprise Big Data to maximize profits, optimize inventory, and transform your operations using these ORS solutions specifically designed for the retail sector:

RoboBuyer Buy Anything, Get Anywhere (BAGA)

Buy Anything, Get Anywhere (BAGA) combines big data and smart algorithms to deliver a revolutionary omni-channel purchasing solution.

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RoboBuyer Demand Planning

Sense, shape, and serve demand in real time, across locations, and for multiple product categories that could be interrelated in the production supply chain.

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RoboBuyer SCM (RAISE)

Balance supply and demand by optimizing reserved product levels according to priority, shipping coverage, and reserve coverage strategy.

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RoboBuyer Retail Allocation (ReAl)

Stay on top of product logistics to optimize stock allocation and deliver better customer experiences. ORS ReAl makes it easy for retailers to stay on top of product logistics.

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RoboBuyer Global Capacity Planning(GMPS)

Make intelligent decisions to optimize capacity and ensure that current inventory satisfies current demand.

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RoboBuyer RoboBuyer

Leverage AI and financial portfolio algorithms to optimize your purchasing and working capital.

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Retail Analytics (BDRA) Retail Analytics (BDRA)

Bring together disparate silos of enterprise data and external data in the retail world using an integrated data ecosystem. ORS Retail Analytics (BDRA) delivers multiple solutions for retailers. Please find below the 5 Solutions within BDRA

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PriceElasticity PriceElasticity

Increase your margins across demand cycles with analytical insights that help you perfectly balance price and demand.

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PriceElasticity Post-Promotion Analytics

Measure the impact of promotion investments and enhance results across your marketing strategy.

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PriceElasticity BenchMark

Enable qualitative performance comparison across retails stores, locations and seasons.

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PriceElasticity StoreScan

Transform store operations and drive increased performance across your retail business.

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PriceElasticity Cluster Analytics

Study patterns, gain deeper insights, and build test scenarios at rapid speed by leveraging neural networks.

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Finance Finance

Reduce costs and optimize financial processes in real time using AI, ML, and Automated Algorithmic Decision-making using our bespoke technology solutions for the finance sector:

RoboBuyer RoboCash

Transform banking node operations from legacy to real-time, dynamic assets of performance.

RoboBuyer CryptoHound

Simplify blockchain research and analysis using an investigative tool with easily configurable widgets.

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Founded in Italy, with global operations in Europe and in the USA, ORS GROUP companies offers cross-industry solutions for optimizing and automating business processes using proprietary A.I., Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics algorithms.

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Smart algorithms are behind the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Automated Algorithmic Decision-making (AAD) platforms that are enabling enterprises to push the envelope of business optimization and disruptive transformation.

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