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Retail Analytics (BDRA) is an end-to-end Data Aggregation, Assimilation, and Analytics platform that brings together disparate silos of enterprise data and external data in the retail world.

Data Cleaning and Collection

Data Cleaning and

Business Intelligence and Analytical Platform

Business Intelligence and
Analytical Platform

Retail Analytics (BDRA) aggregates Financial, Customer, Store, Product, Environment, and Transaction data seamlessly from diverse data systems, cleanses the data and makes it available for analytics without the intervention of IT teams.

Retail Analytics (BDRA) delivers multiple solutions tailored to the retail industry

Price Elasticity

Price Elasticity

Measure the impact of product pricing on demand, and create a dynamic, real-time pricing matrix across stores and geographies
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Post Promotion

Post-Promotion Performance Analytics

Under the real expense of promotional pricing, and predict future scenarios driven by stores, location data, people data, and trends
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Understand qualitative variables in style, color ways, and designs according to best and lowest sellers
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Build operational effciency in every store through data-driven process, people, and resource analytics
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Cluster Analytics

Study patterns, gain deeper insights, and build test scenarios at rapid speed by leveraging neural networks.
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ORS products fully integrate with your legacy systems while enabling you to drive impactful business transformation across your value chain.

Retail Analytics (BDRA) Insights and Intelligence from an Integrated Data Ecosystem

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