Risk Assesment and Scenario Analysis

Surviving business disruptions with digital twins

Test Scenarios

Study Impact of Risks

Develop Mitigation Plan

The usual effects of a crisis:

Continous Risk Assesment can help your organization react to risks meaningfully by:

What Risk Assesment and Scenario Analysis does:

Crisis Management is not setup during a crisis, you must test, learn and understand impacts of disruptions before it happens so you can test your readiness when the event unfolds

This is what Risk AssesmentTM offers:


Assesment and Risk Score Card:

  • Margin at Risk
  • Work Force Risk
  • Vendor Risk
  • Inventory Risk
  • Liquidity Risk


Monthly what-if Scenario Analysis and Stress Testing

  • Liquidity Risk
  • Market Risk 
  • Volume Risk 
  • Exchange Risk 
  •  Commodity Risk 
  • Labor Risk 
  • Margin Risk 
  • Transportation Risk 
  • Warehouse Risk 
  • Customer Credit Risk 
  • Supply Chain Risk
  • Cash Flow Risk 

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