Demand PlanningTM

A.I.-Powered Forecasting

Consensus-based collaborative forecasting supported by AI and ML

Real-time forecasting for S&OP optimization and inventory planning

Revolutionary solution for Demand Sensing and Shaping

Even in exceptional events, ORS Demand Planning offers you up to 95%+ forecast accuracy - no ML knowledge required.

With just a few clicks, you can get a one-off demand forecast based on advanced AI and ML algorithms. You will only need to provide a few data series; we will combine them with external data, and send you the forecast.

The relevance of Demand Planning:

The Problem

Market landscapes are continuously disrupted by exceptional events

Business decisions need to be taken in
increasingly narrow time frames

Data is the key in identifying changes in demand, but the complexity is raising

The Answer

ML and AI adaptive algorithms that combines internal data provided by you, with external data added by ORS, to serve you a pay-as-you-go forecast of your demand

ORS Demand Planning automatically examines your data, identifies what is meaningful, and produces a forecasting model capable of making precise predictions

Benefits of ORS Demand Planning

Demand Planning carries far fewer restrictions than traditional methods like:

Simulations, Testing, Optimizing thousands of models simultaneously, Finding the fundamental drivers influencing demand, Estimating errors and accordingly the risks

Demand Planning is capable of taking a wide range of variables into account such as:

Specific product features, Location of the sale, Price Elasticity, Potential cross - cannibalization, Weather, etc.

These decisions are then carried across the entirety of the organization value chain:

Demand Planning enables the business owner to take strategic decisions based on AI powered forecasts even in exceptional times, with no ML knowledge required.

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