Reduce cash management costs by up to 30%

Reduce transportation costs

Reduce cash counting costs

Reduce dormant cash

Automate cash management process

Accurately forecast cash requirements

RoboCash™ addresses the following
challanges in cash management

Difficulty in forecasting cash requirements

  • Minimum-Stock method used to replenish cash
  • No centralized cash management process
  • No sense of external events impact on cash demand 

High level of unused cash in ATM and branches

  • Dormant cash in ATM’s and branches estimated between 30% and 60% above required amount 
  • Inability to predict cash demands at ATM’s and branches

Lack of transparency on the costs & logistics

  • High insurance costs  
  • Limited visibility on logistics and transportation processes
  • No checks and balances on transportation costs

High cash handling cost

  • Increase of cash in circulation leading to higher costs (e.g. cash holding, transporting, counting, processing)
  • Little automation – mainly manual generation and execution with limited control 

What does RoboCash™ need to do the analysis?

  • General data related to cash points
  • Stock data history
  • Cash transaction history
  • Cash replenishments history
  • Costs data history
  • Other operations information at branches
  • Maintenance history 
  • Insurance terms
  • Terms and conditions with external partners
  • Operational capacity of the branch
  • Lead time from the order to cash operation
  • Branch withdrawals and deposits, e.g. minimum and maximum deposit/ withdrawal value 
  • ATM loads, e.g. maximum number of ATM’s that can be loaded per day 
  • Branch inventory, e.g. minimum and maximum of cash for operations
  • Money denominations distribution
  • Presence of money recycling machines 
  • Events (local, regional & national)
  • Weather
  • Traffic

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