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IRPA AI Workshop on use of AI and ML in Merchandise, Financial and Assortment Planning

Merchandise, Financial and Assortment Planning is a very complex process that involves many people coming from different departments, is error prone due to the extensive manipulation of data from multiple systems and mostly done at aggregate product level due to the volume of data needed.

IRPA AI would like to introduce an innovative approach to Financial, Merchandise and Assortment planning using A.I. and Machine Learning technologies.

  • Assist product-location-price point planning¬†
  • Support planners with model generated numbers that can pre-fill planning grids to start a process
  • Run what-if analysis by adjusting traffic, price, adding additional sales channels, adding new products
  • Understand impact on expected future demand before making key investement decisions

This is a complimentary series of workshops occuring once every month and setup as an informative session on practical use of ML and AI

The workshop will be conducted by ORS Group – A decision sciences, AI and Automation leader in the Retail and Manufacturing Industry

Daniel Goodstein


President of IRPA AI & Digital Enterprise Institute

Chandra Subramanian


Executive Vice Chairman of ORS GROUP

Pierluigi Riva


Founder and CTO of ORS GROUP


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