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Promotion Analytics

ORS Post-Promotions Performance Analytics allows product and service owners to visualize their promotions effectiveness to maximize the performance of their overall marketing strategies.

Understand effects

Understand effects of

Compare and plan

Compare and plan for
upcoming seasons

Build a Campaign

Build a profitable

The ORS Post-Promotions Performance Analytics enables sales leaders to measure the impact of their promotional strategies on their sales and margins over time. This enables them to drive systemic improvements to their promotional initiatives that enhance returns in a sustainable manner.

Assembling and integrating

ORS PPA is a powerful analytics platform that enables data-driven decision making

Performance Comparisons


Compare the performance of promotions across different time periods and products in terms of quantities sold, revenue, margins and impact across non-promotion periods
Performance Benchmarking


Estimate a Baseline that represents the quantity/dollar volume sold during a non-promotion to consider promotional periods, change in average price, and seasonality.

ORS products fully integrate with your legacy systems while enabling you to drive impactful business transformation across your value chain.

Post-Promotions Performance Analytics (PPA)

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