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Perfectly Balance Price And Demand Across Your Demand Cycle


ORS PriceElasticity uses historic sales data and forward-looking forecast data to help understand how price changes would influence demand and affect margins.


Understand demand and price elasticity

Create dynamic pricing solutions

Create dynamic pricing

Increase margins

Increase margins

PriceElasticity is a powerful tool to measure and visualize price versus demand versus margins to create a dynamic pricing system. This enables enterprises to maximize margins across demand cycles with data-driven pricing strategies.

visualize price

ORS PriceElasticity allows customers to

Analyze how changing the price of a certain product leads to a change in selling quantities
Choose from five different types of functions to compare quantity versus price relations
Create non-linear relations between price and quantity to study elasticity
Flexibly pull in data in relation to the analysis that a user wants to perform
Compute cross price elasticity

ORS products fully integrate with your legacy systems while enabling you to drive impactful business transformation across your value chain.

PriceElasticity Awareness of Demand Cycle

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